Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Last Week

Its been a busy week of evenings for me at church recently.

Monday was the wealth creators course.
Tuesday Intercession & Impartation.
Wednesday was the freedom in Christ course (as part of D-group).
Thursday D-group leaders' D-group.

Friday I was free so I went for a night out down the pub with the lads. Jovial banter, some epic games of pool and then deeper conversations ensued as the alcohol had its socially lubricating effect. Tony and Paul* had only met a few times before but they both knew me really well.

Tony (from church) got dumped by his girlfriend the other day, which was all the more harsh considering his dad passed away just a couple of weeks before. He was pretty pissed off, and we really felt the full force of this. Yet it was absolutely the right context for this to happen; he was amongst people who he could connect with who cared about him. Paul (not from church) was able to counsel Tony as he lost a parent a couple of years ago. It was beautiful. We all really benefitted from the evening.

I realised that as far as the mission of our church is concerned; to connect deeply to people and see them set free; more had been accomplished on the Friday night than any of the others, yet it was entirely separate to church. Perhaps we need to reconsider our priorities?

*Considering I have not asked their permission, I have not used their real names.


Blogger Mummy said...

You are never entirely separate to church. Wherever you go you carry the presence of Jesus with you.You are doing the work he has called you to and glorifying him whenever you are doing any of the things in Isaiah 61 eg. comforting those who mourn, binding up the brokenhearted.

I wonder if the "6 days shalt thou work and the 7th rest" means the ratio of doing Isaiah 61 stuff and doing church stuff should be 6:1?

9:48 AM  
Blogger Steve A said...

Agree with mummy...anyway, I guess your mon-fri activities are all ahout preparing for the many other friday nights (as it were). Money Makers and FIC are short-length courses and DGLDG and I+I are occassional stuff; but definately let's keep focussing on the enquiries.

Hey, let's set up a group to meet every friday night to talk and study our priorities and practice talking to people in the pub.
Oh, we'll have to start next week cos there's a conference this week...

5:47 AM  

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