Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Peter Potential

I always knew of him, I think my mother must have met him at some point,
I’d always planned to meet him but he lived so far away.
And I was always busy what with one thing and another,
Doing as I was told, being good, making sensible decisions.
But every so often he would pop up and show me something ridiculous,
Completely out of the blue. It didn’t make any sense.
For some reason no-one else seemed to notice.
Maybe I just imagined it.
They advised me to ignore it.
"Concentrate on what’s important" they said.
The trouble is, having glimpsed him, I keep finding myself seeing him again.
He is addictive.
In fact,
I think he is the most powerful, charismatic, zealous and beautiful person I have ever met.

We’ve decided not to see each other any more.
We didn’t really see eye to eye on a lot of things.
He had a lot of rather outspoken opinions.
Too many uncompromising values.
I’ve decided to stick to what I know.
This way I can be sure I’ll be okay.
And I would advise everyone else to stay away from him too.
I now see why others had been sheltered from him.
He is far too dangerous.
It would never have worked out.

I just wish I’d never met him.