Thursday, November 02, 2006

The counter-culture representative

If its a recognised method to you,
expect me to search for a new one.
When everyone else jumps on the bandwagon
I'll be doing my own thing.

You tell me to jump, I'll jump.
You lay down the law and I'll obey it.

But give me the permission to do what I want and I'll surprise you!
I'll shock you.
I may well offend some,
be labelled a heretic.
"If you don't want to follow me just leave me alone" I'll say.
"If you're following someone else then thats fine."

I'm speaking to those in need of a leader.
Those who do not understand the language you speak in.

Just because I lead in a different way to you does not mean I am not following you.
I want to reach people you could never normally reach.
I want to enable you to speak in new languages you yourself do not understand.

Empower me and I'll further your kingdom in ways you never thought possible.

Your trust is more important than your understanding.
Your approval can set me free.

But until you give me the word, i'm gonna be standing still.